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Feb 20, 2021

JACKIE MACMULLAN hosts this unique and celebratory ‘podcast event’ and tribute to BOB RYAN, opening the show with a remarkably intimate one-on-one exchange with Bob that then yields to an engaging and funny conversation between Jackie, Bob and special guest, Basketball Hall of Famer DAVE COWENS (25:48). The show also features a memorable roundtable-style conversation between Globe alums MacMullan, Bob, LEIGH MONTVILLE and current Globe columnist DAN SHAUGHNESSY (1:21:38). Fellow Boston media legend BOB LOBEL gets a chance to talk up his friend Bob Ryan with the man who sat a desk away from Ryan in the Globe newsroom, CHAD FINN (58:22), and with SEAN MCDONOUGH, who shares with Bob the incredible respect Ryan had from Sean’s dad, the great writer WILL MCDONOUGH (1:12:50).The program gets a touch of national flair when MITCH ALBOM and MIKE LUPICA talk about Bob’s road to television and the 25-year run of ESPN’s The Sports Reporters (47:50), and Bob gets happy birthday wishes from friends and family including Sports Museum Curator Richard Johnson (44:20) and long-time hockey pal Kevin Paul Dupont (44:54). The special podcast resides with The Bob Ryan Boston Podcast Library. Produced by Hometown Podcasts, LLC - Boston, Washington, DC.